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Published Jun 20, 21
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Get Paid To Write What You Want, And Skip The Boring Writing ... Things To Know Before You Buy

Sell your story to Take A Break magazine and you could They have an online story form to use as a guide and to send them a brief outline. Share your story with Real People Magazine and they will They will do a full interview with you (usually over the phone) and ask you to provide relevant photographs.

If you have an interesting point of view, experience in a particular field or you’re good at researching then writing non-fiction could be a nice little earner working from home. Here are some good places to start… Land and Wave is a blog focussed on the outdoor industry. They want to hear the experiences, advice and views of people within the outdoors community.

The Advocate is the Graduate Center’s sole student newspaper. It is read by City University of New York graduate students and is a source of news and information pertaining to their rights and educational, cultural, and professional interests. They are looking for writers who are passionate about writing, publishing, marketing, and business.

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Hostelgeeks is all about the world’s finest hostels. They are looking for experts in different destinations around the world. This could either be a local or a traveller that knows the city really well. Craft Your Content’s mission is to help our clients become excellent writers. In order to do that, they need you! They are looking for writers to write about grammar, business, creativity, productivity, writing and language.

The Curious Reader is looking for contributors to write for them and get paid. They believe that within every reader lies a writer and they want to give the writer within you an opportunity to discuss and write about the books you’ve read, the literature that has influenced you or the authors you have fallen in love with.

But there are sites that will pay you based on the number of views your post receives. In other words, you will share in the revenue that your post generates usually through advertising. Here are a couple to take a look at: Find Writing Jobs That Pay There are also some great, legitimate writing jobs boards out there.

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Here are a couple for you to check out: Recap… So there you have it 50, , websites that will pay you to write for them! If you’re looking to make money from home and you love to write then this could be a brilliant side hustle. I’ve covered everything from poetry to revenue sharing sites but if I’ve missed a good one or you have any tips on getting published I would love to know.

I’ve compiled a huge list of sites that will pay you to write articles at home. The list is divided into sections so you can find the topics that interest you. Verblio – Jobs from 300 to 2000 words in length across 40+ industries. You select a topic and write a post.

Pay is up to $50 per article. – Pay is between . 7 and 5 cents per word. The better you write, the more you earn. – A website for freelancers that allows you to bid on the jobs you want. – You can choose projects that pay a flat fee or by the word.

Get Paid To Write Articles For 150+ Websites Can Be Fun For Everyone

This is a professional magazine geared toward teachers. Articles vary in length from 1,000 to 5,000 words. – Get paid $50 to $200 for a 600 to 2500 word article that offers a fresh perspective on web design. – Receive $50 to $100 for a post about i, Phones or the i, OS platform.

You will earn between $200 and $500. -The focus of is to travel in the North American Desert and surrounding regions. Pay is $50 for an article. – Travel writers get paid $40 for 1,000 words. – Payment is $30 per article, $25 if they have to replace your images.

– Pay is $75 for 1500 to a 3000-word article. -Typically the articles are informational pieces on pregnancy or parenting or a light-hearted opinion piece on parenthood. Payment is made within 24 hours of an article being accepted. – Pay is from $25 to $200+ depending on the article. – 500-1000 word stories reflecting on the insights you’ve experienced in motherhood.

How Get Paid To Write: 17 Awesome Sites That Pay $100+! can Save You Time, Stress, and Money.

– You could earn $100 writing for this publication. – Pays $100 for a published article written by the blind or visually impaired. – Write about topics that would be of interest to an advanced Chinese Martial Arts practitioner as well as the rank beginner of any style. Chicken Soup For The Soul – You could earn $200 for submitting a great story or poem.The Sun – Earn between $100 and $2,000 for fiction, nonfiction or poetry.

– Pays $50 for the first printed page and $25 for each subsequent page with a maximum payment of $200.– Accepts poems 4-12 lines and pay is $25 and up. – For stories and essays, the pay is $1,000. Poets are paid $100 per poem. – Earn $50 per page to a maximum of $250.

This site pays you $100 to write about Middle Eastern and South Asian politics and US foreign policy. If politics isn’t your thing, maybe you could write about mental health and earn $250 to share your recovery story, or make $500 per day with one of these high paying jobs.

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Whether your a beginner or seasoned professional, this list has something for everyone. Ready to take your writing to the next level? Learn how to create your own ebook, sell it, and make money. If your interested in working from home but your not sure that writing is where you want to start then you might want to look at this Looking for more information on how to make money as a freelance writer? Check out this post from If you know of some other great sites that pay you to write let me know in the comments below.

In fact, if you have the writing chops, you can start making good money fast even if you've never had a client before. Do those Freelancing Websites Work? Sometimes, if you know how to play the game. I know a lot of freelance writers who are able to at least get their start at some of these sites.

Once you understand these two things, you'll have a better chance of using these sites to your advantage rather than being taken advantage of. paid to write. How Much Money Can you Make Writing? The best way to answer this is by asking a counter question: how much money do you want to earn from your writing, and how much writing do you want to do to earn that? The truth is, the sky's the limit when it comes to how much you can earn for writing.

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It's up to you to determine your worth and set your rates accordingly. There are going to be clients (or would-be clients) who think they can pay you next to nothing or take advantage of your talents. It's up to you to see that they don't. What are Some Sites where I Can Get Paid to Write? 1.